10 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is the Best

By on August 27, 2018
Whether you’re living in a hot sunny climate or in the cooler northeast, the grass on your lawn can be difficult and often expensive to maintain. Even with the proper maintenance, your grass could be left looking bare, dry and burnt. This can affect the overall appeal of your home as well as its value, which is why a lot of homeowners are beginning to see the benefits of going with artificial grass. Artificial grass experts agree that having a fake lawn isn’t just easier, but it is often more beautiful and more worthwhile long-term than dealing with real grass.

1. Requires No Watering
If your area is experiencing a dry spell, you absolutely must keep the lawn watered in order for it to look green and lush. However, this can be a rather hectic chore and if you live in an area with a water ban, you won’t be able to keep the grass hydrated. With artificial grass, you’re able to skip the watering without it affecting the integrity of the roots.

2. Requires No Mowing
Purchasing a lawnmower is expensive, not to mention that these machines can cost quite a bit of money in upkeep. Plus, you have the task of actually mowing the lawn and keeping it trimmed or else it gets out of hand and makes the property look unkempt. Artificial grass does not grow, so mowing is no longer a chore you’ll have to worry about.

3. Requires No Trimming
Trimming around the edges of your lawn can be a real problem, especially when dealing with a weed whacker that’s string is constantly breaking and fraying. Artificial lawns always look good, whether they were just installed days ago or have been sitting there for years. No trimming is ever required to keep them in good shape.

4. Always Looks Green and Lush
The artificial grass always looks green and lush no matter how hot it is or when it was installed. You’ll find that by choosing fake grass, you’re able to appreciate the lawn much more because it always looks fantastic.

5. No Puddles or Mud
With ordinary grass, when it rains, you’re dealing with mud and puddles that can be a real problem if you have to walk out on the lawn for any reason. Artificial grass does not have dirt, which means that you’re not dealing with mud or puddles that will become a hassle when the weather outside isn’t so great.

6. Increases Property Value
More and more homeowners are making the choice to go with artificial grass because of its benefits and because it’s low-maintenance. Because of this, it’s not uncommon for homes that have artificial grass to sell quicker than houses that have real grass. Buyers like the idea that they do not have to mow a lawn or keep it looking good when it does it all by itself.

7. No Grass Stains
If you have children or simply do a lot of gardening work on the lawn, you know the problems that come with hard-to-remove grass stains. Grass stains can be a real issue, especially when you get them on clothing that you want to keep. Artificial grass is totally free of any staining, making it ideal to sit down and relax in.

8. No Bugs
Because this is not real grass, bugs are not as attracted to it as real grass. Also, you won’t have to worry about ants digging holes and making tunnels and then coming out and biting you if you sit where they live. It makes it a lot more enjoyable to sit down and relax on the lawn without the worry of bugs and other insects.

9. No Bare Spots or Burning
No matter where you happen to be living, it’s not uncommon for the hot summer sun to burn some spots on the lawn, causing a bare patch. These bare spots can look unsightly and will require lots of reseeding, fertilization and watering to get the lawn looking as good as new. Artificial grass never burns or fades, so you’re left with a lawn that looks good year round.

10. Doesn’t Require Fertilizers
Fertilizers can be incredibly dangerous not only to the environment, but to your family and pets as well. By installing artificial grass, you’ll find that you don’t need to use these products any longer for the safety of your home and family.

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