10 Tips To Choose The Best Tile Floors For Every Room

By on September 4, 2018
With so many choices on the market, many homeowners wonder what kind of tiles are best. Here are some tips to help you choose the right tile floor for every room in your home.


Tiles today come in almost any color you can imagine. People find tiles in neutral colors, warm colors and bright colors. Look for tiles that go well with the rest of the colors in the room.


Size is another important consideration. Large tiles make a strong statement that provides a backdrop for other items in the room. Small tiles can add a delicate feel that is ideal for use in bathrooms and other small enclosed spaces.

Measure Properly

Before you do anything else, measure the room’s spaces in detail. You want to make sure you know exactly what spaces are going to tiled and how many tiles you need first. This way, you’re not left with lots of tiles you don’t really need.

Think About Light

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any space. Each room will have differing amounts of light. You want to make sure the tiles you choose are right for the lighting conditions in your home. Consider bringing a few home and propping them against a wall to see how they look at different times of the day.

The Room’s Style

Your tiles should fit in with the rest of the style in the room. If you have a contemporary home with modern flair, look for tiles in a similar style to create a harmonious whole look.

Tile Shape

Today’s tiles come in varied shapes. You can pick from traditional shapes like squares and rectangles or go for a more modern look with triangles to bring more pizzazz and a sense of movement.

Stone Flooring

Stone flooring is an excellent choice in rooms with a connection to the outdoors such as a porch or a foyer. Stone flooring is a bit more expensive but stones are elegant and durable.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic is a traditional tile material that’s been used for centuries. Today’s ceramic tiles are made from modern materials that are durable, inexpensive and full of color. Use them in spaces that get lots of traffic. They’re ideal for a kitchen as they are cool in the summer and can be customized to your personal preference.

Wood Tiles

Wood is another option that’s becoming increasingly popular. Wood tiles are ideal when you want the feel of tiles but you like the look of wood. Wood tiles are a good thing to use in large spaces. Use them in the basement to create flooring that is warm and inviting all year long.

Your Furnishings

All your tiles should fit with the furnishings in your home. Think about furniture placement. If you have a large sofa, the tiles can provide a dramatic counterpoint that makes the entire room to come life with a new focal point. The best wall tiles will add that true something extra to the entire living space.