5 Reason Why You Need to Refinish an Old Floor

By on January 29, 2019
There’s just something classically elegant about beautiful hardwood floors. Unfortunately, like everything else, those gorgeous hardwoods will need a little help to keep their luster. If you are fortunate enough to have these amazing floors, but they are beginning to show their age, you could consider a floor restoration. Here are five reasons why you may want to restore your floors to their original natural beauty.

1. Faded wood.

The color of the stain on your floor will fade over time, especially if there are a lot of windows letting in natural light. The stain is not only for beautifying the wood. It also protects the wood from moisture. If the color of the stain is faded or is starting to flake, restoring your floor will both bring back its beauty and keep the wood safe for many more years.

2. Stains

Accidents will happen. And, even though you always clean up any spills, your floor can sometimes get wet without you noticing it for quite some time. Pets can sometimes have a way of making messes under or behind furniture that won’t be immediately noticed. Indoor plants are another culprit for leaving water condensation marks on a wood floor. Having your floor refinished will remove those stains and bring your hardwood back to its natural glory.

3. Damaged Wood

There are many factors that can contribute to damaging hardwood floors. Water and moisture, if left for too long, can warp the wood. Heavy items dropped on the floor can chip and damage a hardwood floor. Old nails can pop out leaving holes that will grow larger over time. There could also be damage to the wood caused by termites or other pests. Most of the time, even with extensive damage, a hardwood floor can be saved by refinishing, even if it means replacing some of the old wood or using patches and blending stains.

4. Squeaky Floors

When old floors squeak, it means the wood in not adhering to the sub-floor causing it to shift when it’s walked on. In addition to restoring the finish on an old hardwood floor, restoration will also take care of any squeaking. It’s usually simply a matter of nails in the right places or the application of a dry lubricant before the final finish is applied.

5. It’s eco-friendly.

If your hardwood floor is showing any of the above signs, you have the option of restoring the original floor or replacing it with a new one. Refinishing your floor is a much better option in terms of sustaining the environment. It’s all about the carbon footprint that we all make contributing to the ever-increasing pollution of our planet. We need to be more mindful with recycling and sustainable construction to help eliminate all of the harmful emissions that we are releasing into the air that we breathe. Anytime we choose new over refurbished, we are adding the the manufacturing pollutants that are in our atmosphere.