8 Smart Ideas on Heating and Cooling Your Home

By on December 3, 2018
Who wouldn’t love to save money every month on keeping their home a comfortable temperature? Luckily, many of the steps you can take to keep your optimal home temperature work for both summer and winter!

1: Install Ceiling Fans!

Ceiling fans are perfect for circulating air and keeping the heated or cooled air moving around your entire room no matter where the vent is located.

2: Close Curtains and Blinds

If you have drafty windows or notice the direction of any cool winter winds, you should make sure to close the blinds and curtains to keep the cold air out. Likewise, in the summer, take note of any windows receiving direct sunlight and block the hot rays, especially during the peak heat in the late afternoon.

3: Maintain Your Systems

Keeping your heating and cooling units clean and well maintained will ensure that they run as efficiently (and inexpensively!) as possible. Many heating and cooling businesses, like VeeTemp Canberra have plans that include yearly checkups and cleaning for heaters/air conditioner units.

4: Monitor Appliance Usage and Lighting

Many appliances and lights produce heat. You should consider minimizing use of these in the summer to keep things cooled off. Remember also that if you keep lights and appliances near your thermostat, they may cause the temperature to seem higher than it actually is and cause unnecessary running of the A/C.

5: Mind Your Doors

Any drafty air coming in around the door frames means lost cool air you paid for or cool air coming in to the heated room you’re paying for! Either way, ensuring that you check the seals, thresholds, and surroundings of all your door frames will pay off. While you’re at it, try to coach family members on quick entry/exit through doors and ensuring that they close all doors fully.

6: Check Your Attire

It may seem that this doesn’t directly relate to your home; but the fact is that if you can layer up or dress down to be more comfortable in your home, you’ll be able to leave the thermostat alone and avoid paying for variations in your personal temperature comfort level.

7: Make Adjustments Based on Your Schedule

When you have a consistent work schedule, you can set your thermostat to be sure you’re not heating or cooling an empty house. Likewise, if you have a vacation planned, you should add adjusting the thermostat to your travel checklist so that you’re not paying for a comfortable temperature that no one is there to enjoy.

8: Consider Your Home Decor

Home decor? Yes– it’s true; if you are trying to keep warm, use of rugs, flannel sheets, throw blankets, etc. can help create warmth without jacking up the thermostat. In the summer, consider arranging furniture for the best airflow and to keep sitting areas (couches, chairs, etc.) out of the direct sunlight that might cause you to stay overly warm.

The steps you can take on your own, as well as with the help of professionals, will help take your heating and cooling costs to new lows!

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