8 Tips for Timeless Home Designs

By on December 2, 2018
8 Tips for Timeless Home Designs

Trendy home designs are commonplace in neighborhoods throughout the country. However, classic homes are becoming more difficult to find. Here are 8 tips for timeless home designs:

Solid exteriors: Materials such as stone and cedar siding should be used for durability and a classic look. Factors such as roof pitch and trim should be taken into consideration when choosing exterior designs. The exterior design of your home is the first impression of the timeless design that should be carried into the interior of the home.

Avoid Fads: Every year different home design trends arise. To create a timeless home design avoid such fads. Instead, opt for traditional colors and furniture pieces. Classic colors such as beige and grays are usually a mainstay in traditionally designed homes. Fads are temporary and will leave your home devoid of a classic look and feel.

Functional Design. Timeless home designs are always functional. Trends often bring with them designs that are not practical for daily living. Your design should be scaled appropriately and your furniture should not be over-sized or too ornate. Make sure your design choices are sophisticated and simple.

Classic Flooring: The flooring you choose will have a profound impact on the overall design appeal of the home. There are many trendy flooring options but you should choose an option that is consistent with the style and function of your home. Classic wood floors in a traditional stain is an ideal way to ensure a timeless home design.

Utilize historic elements: Classic homes always have a touch of history related to the region of the country in which the house is located. Historic elements may also include interior trim such as crown molding. A solid antique piece is the perfect type of historic element to add to your classic home design.

Classic architecture: Choose an architectural design that is consistent with the region of the country that you live in. For instance, if you’re building a home in New England, a Cape Cod is a traditional type of architecture for that region of the country. Choose a House Builder who is experienced in traditional styles of home architecture. Other types of architecture include Dutch Colonial, Georgian and Craftsman.

Choose Classic Styles for Large Statement Pieces: Your dining table and other large furniture pieces should be a neutral color and a classic style. Choosing more traditional pieces will ensure that your space will remain classic over time.

Use Texture: Don’t be afraid to incorporate textured materials such as rugs and wallpaper. These types of accents will create a timeless ambiance for your home. Such accents will also add pops of color to your home in a way that provides an appropriate amount of interest.

Obviously, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration when creating a classic home design. Although challenging, creating a timeless home design is possible if you follow the aforementioned design tips.