Why should you make the switch to Cloud Accounting?

By on October 30, 2016

Cloud Accounting is hosted on remote servers instead of the traditional desktop based software. Data is processed and stored in the “cloud”. Your data can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection. This software is subscription based where you can choose monthly or annual payments. The pricing model is similar to Netflix or Google Apps. There is not a required long time commitment either. A good thing to keep in mind is that there is a statistic out by “The Application of Small Business” that states by 2020, an estimated 78 percent of small businesses will rely on cloud accounting. The most budget friendly plan starts at $10.00 a month and fits perfect with a self-employed individual with the option to customize as you go.
Now that we have a look as to what the definition of cloud accounting is, let’s see why your business would benefit or grow when using the cloud!
First off, can I ask who would like to connect to their business’ data from anywhere they happen to be? This is exactly what your business can do when switching over to the cloud for your bookkeeping. As the Best Bookkeeper in Townsville, I will share 5 reasons you need to swap to cloud bookkeeping! First, you have access anywhere and anytime to your business’ accounts

Secondly, the cloud is the future If your business is going to succeed and continue to grow for years to come, as the CEO of your company you know the cloud is where we are headed. Do you want to have more time in order to see your child’s soccer game? How about to get that pedicure you’ve been thinking about after work? You will have more time when switching to the cloud because you will eliminate the back and forth with your clients. Time is the third reason the cloud would benefit your company.

Fourth, your data is securely backed up on the cloud and eliminates any hardware you would need to install Lastly, the information on the cloud is active. This means no one can ever overwrite on your entries. The cloud is the smart and fastest way to go when choosing a software for your bookkeeping needs. Now you probably are wondering how much does this cloud bookkeeping service costs? I included links where you can receive more information readily. The startup fee for switching to cloud services is much lower than the initial hardware you would purchase for your computer.

Another point that many love about the cloud is how easy it is to use. The cloud is for everyone. I hope this has helped you retain a better view on the options us bookkeepers have in the accounting world! You can get started with Quickbooks Online for as little as 50 cents a day. Quickbooks Online is a leader in cloud accounting technology and offers a wide variety of options for all types of bookkeepers.

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