5 Reasons to Speak to Lawyers Before You Need Them

By on October 24, 2016

When you are faced with an injustice, it can be disappointing, if not downright frustrating. Having or speaking with a lawyer before an unfortunate event occurs helps take the imbalance out of the situation, as well as helps prevent problems before they arise, which can give you a peace of mind. 

5 other reasons to speak to lawyers before you need them include: 

1. It Takes Time to Find the Right Lawyer

Just like any relationship, finding a lawyer who is is qualified and with whom you click with, takes time. The first lawyer you visit, may not practice the type of law you need, or you may not feel comfortable with them. Therefore, you may need to visit several lawyers before you find the perfect match for you. 

2. You May Need to Evaluate Your Finances

Once you find the right lawyer, you also need to be sure that you can pay him or her. Some people have funds readily available, but others may not. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consider how you will pay for legal services before you need them.

You might also consider having your lawyer on retainer This means paying your lawyer a small amount on a regular basis so that in return the lawyer will perform some legal services whenever you need them. 

Some civil attorneys do not charge a fee unless they win your case, so be sure to shop around. 

3. Get Legal Advice When You Need It

Lawyers give legal advice. When faced with big decisions, consult your attorney for advice, then take time to decide for yourself what decision is best for you. 

Likewise, not every legal issue requires court action. Having an attorney to consult on an ongoing basis can help save time, money, and stress by providing advice on the most effective and efficient way to work your legal issue. 

4. Access to Valuable Resources When You Need Them

Lawyers depend on an extended network of professionals, including private detectives and expert witnesses to help their clients’ cases. Because they know these types of professionals, they can help with discovery, which can help build your testimony. 

If you are not an attorney, you may struggle with understanding the fine print or the evidence against you, as well as other dealings or actions with potential legal ramifications. However, your attorney understands the law and can explain to you, in detail, what you are facing. 

In addition, they also understand the proper protocol for properly filling out and filing certain legal documents. Late or incorrect filing could obstruct your case or have it thrown out altogether. 

5. The Other Party has Legal Representation

People without attorneys or legal counsel are generally at a disadvantage when conflicting against opposing parties that have legal representation. In which case, a lawyer representing your adversary will likely take advantage of this lack of equity. 

Speaking with a lawyer before you need it helps maximize your advantage so that in the case of an unfortunate event, you are prepared. If you are faced with an injustice, or you simply understand the value of obtaining legal counsel beforehand, contact a Law firm Townsville for a free consultation.