The 5 Best Flowers for a First Date

By on January 29, 2019
First dates are exciting. You’re about to see if someone new might be that special someone. So, do you bring your date flowers? We say yes. Here are the five best flowers to bring for a first date.

A Single Red Rose

A single red rose is a great way to start a first date. Simple and just romantic enough, your date is sure to be delighted upon receiving it. Along with being a little romantic, a single red rose doesn’t place the kind of expectations on the evening like a dozen red roses would. Be sure to purchase one that comes with a nice big bud and a long stem from a flower shop instead of buying one from a gas station. That way, your date will know that the evening is important to you.

Bird of Paradise

If uniqueness is your thing, then go with a bird of paradise bouquet. These delicate flowers will capture your date’s attention in a good way. Present them in crinkly plastic or a simple and slender glass vase. Bird of paradise is a tropical flower, and they are orange and yellow. Because they feature a striking look, your date will love receiving a bouquet of these flowers.


To start off a first date with a friendly vibe, bring daisies. Bright and cheerful, daisies are the perfect flowers for beginning a relationship casually. Daisies are long-lasting flowers, so your date will appreciate having them on display for two weeks or more as long as the flowers receive the proper preparation. If you’re giving your date daisies, consider getting a dozen. A full bouquet will give you the best chance of surprising your date with your thoughtfulness.


When you show up to a first date with a sunflower, you’re sure to wow your date. A single sunflower or a sunflower bouquet is a big, bold choice, but it’s one that you can pull off depending on how you feel about the person. The blossom is named after the sun, and they will bring to mind summertime. Sunflowers express feelings of happiness, admiration and warmth. The flower is one that is available year-round.


Freesia flowers come in many colors, but we recommend getting white ones for a first date. The bell-shaped blooms are especially pretty while the smell of freesia flowers is light and pleasant. This also makes them the best hospital flowers. A bouquet of freesia blooms is simple and tasteful, so giving them to your date is a good move since it will be something that is both decorative and sweet-smelling.

Best Flowers for a First Date

Bringing flowers to a first date creates a good impression. This step shows that you’re interested in that person and want your date to have a good time. Present your date with a single red rose, bird of paradise bouquet, daisies, a sunflower or freesia based on your personality and level of interest in the person you’re dating. Flowers will likely help a first date start off right.