Top 10 Tips Buyers Should Know Before Buying Solar Panels

By on August 13, 2018
Solar panels are an effective way of reducing energy bills at home as well as protecting yourself from increasing electricity prices. Besides, they reduce carbon emissions, which ensure a sustainable environment. Consumer solar panels are not as popular, which poses a challenge for buyers who lack knowledge when buying them. Also, solar system prices are going down, thanks to the technological advancements and governmental subsidies. Nevertheless, these considerations will help you make an informative decision before you buy a solar panel.
How solar panels functionOne of the critical things you need to know before investing in a solar panel is to understand how it operates. It generates electricity from solar energy by emitting electricity even on cloudy days because they don’t necessarily require direct sunlight to do so. Solar panels use light energy from the sun, rather than the heat energy emitted by the sun. You can then use the generated electricity in your home.

How else you can ensure efficiency

Buyers should first ensure that they trim their usage before they invest in solar panels. After all, the amount of solar energy the solar panel produces will depend on your usage. Therefore, you need to carry out an energy audit in your home as you pay attention to various ways you can upgrade energy efficiency before installing a solar panel.

Roof suitability

Buyers should first establish if their roofs are suitable for the type of solar panel you want to purchase. Besides, solar panels function when placed at specific points of the roof; hence, you want first to be sure that your roof will ensure optimum operation of the solar panel. Also, the roof’s angle also plays an integral role in ensuring that solar panels function at their optimum. Professionals recommend that roofs provide optimal functionality of solar panels when they are between 30 and 35 degrees. Also, check if your roof is covered by objects, such as buildings and trees.

Maintenance and operating costs

What most buyers don’t understand is that solar panels, just like other gadgets at home require maintenance and running costs. Therefore, it is essential to understand the amount of money you would expect to maintain and operate the solar panel. However, solar panels don’t require much money to maintain and operate them. You need to call an expert to check on your panel after every four years.

Quality, size, and price

You need to know the price of the solar panel you want to buy as well as its size and quality. Having known its price, which depends on the model and the seller, you can then set a realistic budget to work with as you shop for the panel. However, you shouldn’t compromise on the panel’s quality by buying a lower grade solar panel with the primary objective of saving on cost.

Panel certifications and types

Solar systems are available in various categories, such as monocrystalline, amorphous films, and polycrystalline. It is essential to purchase panels that are manufactured using the latest technology. Buyers ought to ensure that they research the certifications and types before investing in these panels.

Government tariffs

Most governments offer rebates to solar panel buyers. However, the solar Brisbane offers must be registered with the energy regulatory body in the country. Therefore, you ought to confirm with the installation company if the solar panels are registered with the authorities.

Mounting and accessories

Solar panels have various mounting and electrical accessories, and they have specific building standards. Also, quality solar panels are certified. You ought to be sure that your installer uses certified products while installing your solar panel.

Leasing or buying

You need to conduct your cost-benefit analysis before buying a solar panel, which is integral in deciding whether to purchase or lease it. Buying a solar panel will cost you a lot of money upfront, but you will enjoy the dividends in the long-run. Leasing solar panels allow you to enjoy cheap electricity without investing a lot of money upfront.

Contract contents

You will have to sign a contract before buying a panel and before it is installed in your home. Therefore, you need to read through your agreement to understand its contents as well as its terms and conditions. Additionally, buyers ought to be sure that an expert collects data on your usage and home energy production.