5 Whitsunday Activities for Travelers on a Budget

By on October 28, 2016


Whitsunday is a beautiful area. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef makes it a very expensive area to visit. If you are living on a budget, there are ways to explore the area without spending lots of money. While you will not be catered to as you would when staying in a high-dollar resort, but you will have an adventure while building priceless memories.

If you are traveling to Whitsunday on a budget, then consider camping. The area has 31 campgrounds where you can pitch a tent. Imagine the great joy of laying on a beautiful island under the stars at night. Some of these campgrounds are quite large while others offer only six sites. The government requires that you purchase a very inexpensive camping permit. Get to your choice of the campground by using one of the inexpensive boats or ferry options. If you do not choose to travel with your camping gear, then you can rent it by the day for very little money. Most of the campgrounds have fire rings allowing you to prepare your food.

2. Sailing
Seeing the area from a boat is absolutely stunning. Many of the yacht clubs have owners that are constantly looking for crews, so show up at one with a bottle in hand. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and get ready for the adventure of your lifetime. You will warmly be welcomed aboard. If you are interested in seeing more than one island, then google Whitsundays sailing tours budget find different kinds of trips for one low price. Imagine the joy of laying on the deck of an expensive yacht with the stars for your cover. 

3. Bushwalking
Bushwalking is a great free activity offering a great way to see the area’s natural fauna and wildlife in their own habitats. The islands have several outstanding hiking trails for all ability levels. The Ngaro Sea Trail winds its way across miles of beautiful scenery with picturesque vistas providing great overlooks of the entire area.

4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling
No trip to Whitsunday would be complete without scuba diving and snorkeling as there are so many great places to explore. You will need a boat to get to them. Many companies offer liveaboard boats. You may even be able to find passage on one of them in exchange for a few hours work. Alternatively, talk to one of the dealers who is selling yachts and sees if they need delivery help. If they do, then see if you can use the yacht to snorkel and dive in exchange for helping them deliver the expensive yacht.

5. Picnicking
There are many places in Whitsunday that are perfect for a picnic. The beautiful beaches make the perfect place to have a picnic as you watch the crystal-clear water lap against the sandy shores. Alternatively, consider taking your picnic to one of the area’s coffee farms and eating it as you watch the workers work. The Sunday Market at Airlie Beach offers a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are perfect for a picnic.